PV Strcuture Design using STAAD. Pro

تعلم تصميم الهيكل المعدني لانظمة الطاقة الشمسية باحترافية

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Created by Noor Aldeen Najdeah Last updated Sun, 29-Nov-2020 Arabic
What will i learn?
  • الفكرة الرئيسية حول الهيكل المعدني
  • المقاطع المستخدمه
  • حساب الاحمال حسب الكود الاردني والامريكي
  • حساب وزن القواعد الاسمنتية
  • معرفة مدى نجاح الهيكل المعدني
  • استخراج تقرير بشكل احترافي
  • اضافة مقطع غير موجود على قاعدة بيانات البرنامج
  • رسم الهيكل المعدني من خلال الاتوكاد وبرنامج الستاد بثلاث طرق
  • تصميم الهيكل المعدني بكل سهولة واحترافية

Curriculum for this course
17 Lessons 02:48:38 Hours
الفكرة الرئيسية حول الهيكل المعدني
5 Lessons 01:08:33 Hours
  • Introduction 00:06:00
  • معلومات حول الهيكل المعدني 00:16:00
  • Loads and loads calculations 00:19:00
  • Load Calculations 1 00:18:08
  • Load Calculations 2 00:09:25
  • STAAD. pro Link and Node 00:24:00
  • Create Geometry 00:11:39
  • Create from scratch 00:07:45
  • Create form Import 00:06:15
  • Add sections from STAAD database 00:07:05
  • Add section to database 00:09:00
  • Basic Loads 00:08:45
  • Combination Loads 00:06:10
  • Analysis & Design 00:07:15
  • Blocks calculations 00:08:11
  • Generates Report 00:04:00
  • Take a Quiz 00:00:00
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- مقدمة الى الحديد المستخدم بانظمة الطاقة الشمسية

- حساب الحمل الهوائي او حمل الرياح Wind load

- حساب الحمل الميت Dead Load

- حساب الحمل الحي Live load وهل فعلا بنحتاجة بالانظمة الشمسية ؟

- حساب الحمل الثلجي Snow load

- الرسم على برنامج ستاد برو STAAD. Pro

- الرسم على اتوكاد والتصدير للستاد

- اختيار المقاطع المناسبة للانظمة الشمسية

- فهم المعلومات الصادرة من البرنامج وتحليلها عمليا

- التصميم بواسطة البرنامج حسب الكود

- تصدير التقرير بشكل احترافي

- تحليل الـ Reactions وحساب وزن البلوكات المناسب

- دراسة المقاطع ومعرفة مدى نجاح الهيكل

- تصميم عدة مشاريع

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Solar Energy Engineer


  •  BA in Mechanical Engineering 
  •  The year 2017 
  •  Rate: Very Good  
  •  Rank: 2nd on the batch 

Work experience

Najdeah has worked as a solar energy engineer in 2017 for a Related company in Amman Specialized in RE and Training.  

His responsibilities were: 

  • Site survey and study to give the best design for the projects, taking measurements, pictures, and preparing site reports.  
  •  Design the PV projects & produce the best energy solution for individual cases. 
  •  Preparation of Tenders.  After 1 year he moved to another company also specialized in the same industry as projects engineers and Technical Support  

Also Eng. Najdeah Provide several designs of PV systems for some Arab countries such as: 

  •  Egypt
  •  Saudi Arabia 
  •  Jordan 

The systems have been designed varies from small to Large scale. The design of the systems includes Mechanical (structure Part) and Electrical Design.

Najdeah Also – Founder of Acadeemi Training platform, which is a site for publishing specialized Arabic content, as a step to enter the e-learning market.

Eng. Najdeah Trained Nearly 2000 students around the world in the Solar energy field through several courses in this field like:

    • Solar energy system design
    • SketchUp Modelling for PV system
    • SketchUp & AutoCAD For PV structure Shop Drawings 
    • Advance PVSYST Design Course
    • Professional site survey to prevent design mistakes  

Also Eng. Najdeah Has some online Courses Like:

  •  SketchUp
  •  Solar System Design  

Some of the course Free and others paid  

Eng. Najdeah also worked as a lecturer for some Mechanical Engineering materials in some Academies in Amman Jordan in 2016 until 2018 

Student feedback
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  • Thu, 14-May-2020
  • Mon, 18-May-2020
    Ahmad Munther Habash
    It was a great pleasure to get more knowledge with this course Thank's for the Instructor , he is a good speaker and he is cooperate when need any inquires . The course was simplified for good understanding &The content of the course was concise and well detailed for both novice and knowledgeable participants Best Regards
  • Fri, 19-Jun-2020
    عمر بركات
    للأمانة دورة مميزة وأسلوب شرح ممتاز أنصح جميع المهتمين بهذا المجال بأخذالدورة
  • Thu, 09-Jul-2020
    Mohmd Adwan
    Thank you
  • Fri, 20-Nov-2020
    ayat al-awamleh
    I really enjoy learning about PV structure design using STAAD PRO. This course was a great experience, and I got the chance to sharpen my skill and pick up a few new ones along the way. I would like to thank ENG .Noor Aldeen for being an amazing instructor throughout the course!
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